Best Humidifier for Sinus Headaches

It is painful when contending with sinus complications as it usually stays hidden and emanates when you do not expect. This article reviews the best humidifier for sinus headaches because such headache symptoms are caused by the dryness of the air which leads to congestion in your sinuses and eventually breathing difficulty.

Nevertheless, you are still capable of combating such worries by employing one out of the various humidifiers in the market for sinus headaches. These humidifiers come in different models and kinds so there are some factors you should look out for when purchasing one.

Buying Guide: Best Humidifier for Sinus Headaches

Before you get a humidifier to help you combat your sinus issues, you should check out the following factors concerning the humidifiers.

Filtering Properties: If you are a sinus headache patient, you should do well when you steer clear of gray and white dust. Various humidifiers have no filters which are the cause of the dust release, so a filterless model will serve you better.  

Nevertheless, if you get one with a filter, then do well to clean it regularly so that you don’t end up infecting your air. Carry out replacement too if required. 

Maintenance: A stress-free humidifier is the best option for those who do not enjoy long cleaning. You should find a humidifier which lets you clean it easily, and change their water tanks. 

If it has difficult maintenance and you end up giving up on regular cleaning, then you will breed mold, bacteria and other organisms in your tank. This, in turn, will aggravate your sinuses and cause you discomfort.

Diffusion Functionality: There are some humidifiers which let you add essential oils and medication to boost your air aroma. These are very helpful in treating sinuses too so you can consider it as well.

Some have the medicine cups where you can put the medicine while others allow you to put it in the water directly. Nevertheless, you must ensure the medicine added to the water is soluble.

Size Of The Room: You will experience allergy if your humidifier cannot serve your room completely. Hence, you should opt for one which has a space coverage that is slightly above your room size.

Ease Of Use: A simple humidifier that can be easily operated should be one of the factors you need to consider. You don’t want to get a humidifier you cannot control or which will cause you difficult modifications.

Hence, you should ensure you can easily understand the full operation of your humidifier and even be able to modify the settings in the dark before you buy it.

Automation: An automated humidifier stands out more than a manual one as it eases the work for the user. Though it is more expensive, it still worth its price as it provides you with different automatic functionalities like; automatic shutdown, timer, etc. This will save you the stress of monitoring the water tank level regularly.

5 Best Humidifier for Sinus Headaches

We have provided a list of the top 5 best humidifiers for sinus headaches so that you can easily select and acquire one having checked out your desired features. These include: 

#1. BONECO 7135

BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7135

The Boneco 7135 humidifier is among the best humidifier in the market when referring to sinus problems. It dispenses both cool and warm mist and has a classy appearance. 

Sporting a 1.75-gallon water tank, it runs for quite a while before you refill it. In a case you refill the tank with hard water, you can initiate the demineralization cartridge which increases its performance. However, this cartridge requires replacement after it has served a while.  

It can handle a room size of 650 square feet and have an adjustable humidistat which lets it regulate your air’s humidity. The multi-functional display is easy to use and frequently pops up practical prompts when you need to refill or clean it.

However, its warm mist can handle your sinuses and is perfect for bedrooms as it has a noiseless mechanism.

#2. URPOWER MH501 Humidifier

URPOWER MH501 Humidifier

This model of humidifier has a 5 Liter water tank that lets it serve you throughout the night for 17 whole hours with its noiseless mechanism. It moistens your sinuses with the cool mist and has an automatic feature that shuts it off once you have expended the water.

It is a very attractive and efficient, cool mist humidifier, however, it is a little difficult to clean it properly.

It gives off mist through the slit above the unit. And when you hold your hand above the slit, you’d feel a perceptible variation in the quality of the air after running the unit for some days even when you equally run the humidifier. A significant downside of the humidifier is that it produces mist only in a single direction.

It comes with the super-quiet operation, a sleep mode and a modifiable mist mode. Note, however, that the humidifier feels heavy when filled and the buttons are overly sensitive.


LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

If you are on the search for an easy-to-use cool and warm mist humidifier, the Levoit LV600HH is one of the best choices. You can use it at the comfort of a button switch between mist modes and levels. It has an in-built humidity sensor that displays the humidity level on an LED screen. If you want to achieve a certain level too, it also allows you to do so. 

With a runtime of 3 complete days, the 1.5 gallons water tank stands as a surprise to users as it also covers large rooms and spaces sized at 753 square feet. You can as well add your essential oils and medications to the aroma box. The device is also easy to use and clean and has a small cleaning brush which you can conveniently use to clean the humidifier. 

#4. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier

Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers

If you want to humidify a large room with a cool mist, this ultrasonic humidifier can handle such a task perfectly. It allows you to add your essential oils and medications to the separate aroma tray as you give your air a new scent. 

The 6-liter tank is ideal for less frequent refills and this device will run for 50 hours before you think of refilling. Hence, you shouldn’t bother about waking up at midnight to just refill your humidifier. The tank has a high ionization capacity that is why bacteria, allergens, and microbes cannot survive in the tank if by chance they appear there.

#5. AIRCARE MA1201 

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The AIRCARE MA1201 stands as the best humidifier for complete house humidification. It can cover an area as wide as 3,600 square feet and has a 3.6-gallon tank which lets it run for 3 full days. When you finally expend the water, the indicator notifies you of a need for a refill and the auto-shutoff turns off the device immediately.

You can choose from different fan speeds and refill it easily thanks to the front positioning of the tank. The humidifier stands on caster wheels to aid easy movement to the sink when you want to refill it.

You can easily clean, maintain and control the humidifier with the aid of the buttons on the device. It has a fan that is not quite loud. It can also function on ultra-quiet mode if you do not want to hear the gentle whirring of the fan at all.

Why You Need A Humidifier For Sinusitis

Normally, our nose functions in the way the air which comes through it and into the airways are filtered but when the air is too dry, then it becomes a problem. It is bad to stay in an environment with a low humidity level because it affects your sinuses.

Dry air hardens and congests your sinus mucus and will eventually cause you pain and inflammation. You can as well face several allergy issues due to this issue.

At night too, the sinus problems will hinder you from having a peaceful sleep as you can end up with other medical distresses.

It is for this reason that you need your humidifier to prevent the hardening of your mucus. The moisturized air in your home will reduce the congestion problems and let you breathe well and healthy.

A hygrometer will also tell us the level of air in our home whether too high or low. The average level of humidity in your house should be between 30% and 50%. This means that it shouldn’t be too high or low as there are bad effects of both of these extremes.

However, you could know your air is dry without a humidifier when you experience, dry skin, mouth, throat, nosebleeds, and steady runny nose.

Types Of Humidifier For Sinus Headaches

There are various categories of humidifiers based on their functionality and space sizes. They are: 

Whole House Humidifiers: These kinds of humidifiers can serve a complete house and is best connected to the house’s supply line. In turn, it humidifies the entire house at a steady mist level.

Single Room Humidifiers: The single room humidifiers as the name entails is specifically for a single room. Hence, they usually come in smaller sizes and of course smaller tanks. You will also have to move them if you wish to humidify the second room in the house and you do not have a second humidifier.

Travel Humidifiers: When going on your trip, your humidifier can go along with you and shield you from external allergies and sinus problems. They come in portable sizes though they will require frequent refills due to their size.


The messiness of sinus problems is much and painful but with the help of your humidifier, you can treat such ailments. When the humidifier releases the mist whether cool or warm, it gets into your airways, softens the mucus and soothes you.  

I believe you have carefully examined the features you want in your preferred humidifier to solve your sinus issues and made a choice. However, you shouldn’t relent in cleaning your humidifier regularly too. The more it functions, the more it gets dirty and the higher the risk of getting diseases.

However, the instructions given by the manufacturer are key to enjoying your device.


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