Best Humidifier for Bronchitis [Increase Air Moisture]

Humidifiers are great for relieving bronchitis symptoms, and  In this article, we reviewed the best humidifier for bronchitis. 

Bronchitis is caused by a virus that originates from the virus family responsible for colds and influenza. It is also necessary to note that antibiotics can likely not do much due to it being a virus-related health problem.

But a humidifier can help to greatly relieve the discomfort that comes with the symptoms of bronchitis, this is simply because increasing the moisture in the air in your living space can help make the breathing process easier and less difficult for your lungs, thus making you more comfortable as you treat bronchitis. 

Bronchitis occurs when your bronchial tube gets inflamed. This inflammation results in the accumulation of large amounts of mucus, thus making the exchange of gas in your alveoli more difficult than normal. m\Moisten the air you breathe can help aid the clear up the mucus. 

What To Consider When Buying Humidifiers

Size: You must check out the size of your humidifier before purchasing it. The device should be able to provide mist that could handle the room size no matter your position in the room. 

Type of mist: They are not created equally, and the type will determine how optimal they will function in different conditions. Usually, the choice is between the cool and warm mist. Some device comes with these to features, allowing to switch your settings as the need arise.

Humidistat: The humidistat gives the device the feature to automatically go off on its own when it gets to a certain humidity level based on your setting. It will also turn back on when there is a drop in the humidity. This is a stress-free way to manage the humidity of your space. You should greatly consider the feature. 

Safety features: Your safety is very important and you would surely like humidifier which cannot be tipped over by your kids or pets. Some humidifiers have tip-over protection and automatic shutdown. This will also be a great idea.

Timer function: This enables you to time your humidifier to hours suitable to you. It could get your room humidified half an hour to your return from work.

Aromatherapy: This feature allows the humidifier to be topped with important oils whose medicinal value and fragrance aids faster relief. The fragrance is released into the air at the same time as the mist as it begins its medicinal treatment.

Best Humidifier for Bronchitis: Our Top 5 Pick From Amazon

#1. Air Innovations

Beyond the fancy look that will perfectly fit into the interior décor, It is fitted with a tank that is anti-microbial and would surely let you breathe clean air happily while in your house.

Similarly, your air is filtered due to the ceramic filter installed in the device which would prevent contamination of your air by allergens and impurities. This filter is one of a kind as it does not require replacement for the device’s lifespan. 

Additionally, it can easily be controlled as it has a revolving mist spigot for enhanced coverage, an adjustable humidistat, and 5 various mist styles. It comes along with a remote control which lets you make modifications from the comfort of your bed.


#2. Pure Enrichment Astaire Ultrasonic 

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This model is a portable and fancy looking type. It is curved at the edges and is fitted with an automatic shutoff, a night light which is optional and can hold about 1.5 liters of water. 

It runs on a very silent mechanism that wouldn’t let a visitor even notice it being on and releases the correct proportion of mist for 8 long hours. It is leak-resistant and can easily be maintained and cleaned.

However, you must take care of it by providing a board on which it can stand to prevent scratches. Regular cleaning with vinegar is also recommended so that you can enjoy your outstanding device.


#3. Levoit Ultrasonic 

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

The box shape humidifier comes with a 1.5-liter tank capacity. You can see the level of water in the tank through the transparent glass. It has a digital display on the front where you can see the present humidity level of the atmosphere. 

Some of the amazing features of this humidifier include the soothing aromatherapy, soundless functionality, and the ability to provide you with both warm and cool mist which makes it one of a kind. Furthermore, it can run for 12 hours if you activate the highest setting and for 36 hour duration if you let it run on the lowest setting.

You can as well make your alterations from the comfort of your bed with the hand remote. It can serve a room size of 400sqft. Unfortunately, it often discharges little amounts of white dust which means you will be obliged to do some necessary cleaning.

Because of its lightweight, you can easily move it around, place it on a table or a nightstand. If your house is wooden-floored, then you shouldn’t attempt leaving it on a bare floor except you can lay a towel on the floor first. You should at least clean it once a week for better functionality and maintenance. 

#4. Crane Ultrasonic 

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Bearing the crane teardrop shape, this humidifier is curvedly designed and has an open-top where the mist is released from.

The nozzle on it rotates in all directions and has a lean control. It can provide soothing relief and does not require a filter for the air. The 1-gallon tank can let it function for about 8 or 9 hours and can serve a room-sized at 250sqft.

Although it doesn’t mount up fungus easily, we still advise you to clean it every day, and unfortunately, the cleaning of its inner cylinder is a difficult issue. Nevertheless, it is very resilient and can last for about 5 years based on customer reviews. So, to improve its lifetime, you should never add essential oils to it.


#5. Honeywell  Console Humidifier

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier

This model is suitable for people who wish to humidify a large space.  If you are asthma or bronchitis patients, then it is best for you.

The Honeywell humidifier is fitted with a 12-liter water tank which allows it to humidify a whole house at a steady rate. However, when the house is fully humidified, it automatically turns off due to the humidistat installed in it.

There is a wick filter that runs alongside an evaporative mechanism allowing you to have a safe and hygienic air. Also, allergens and contaminants are collected and contained in the wick and not released into the surrounding air.

Although the simple and smart technology makes it one of the top humidifiers in the market, the filter will still require regular cleaning and replacement if needed. 

What type of humidifier is best for bronchitis?

The major function of a humidifier is to improve the humidity level of the air. Hence, these humidifiers come in two types which are the cool and warm mist humidifiers. 

The warm mist humidifiers are fitted with a heating element that boils the water up till 100 degrees Celsius and sends out the vapor into the entire room. This dispersion would cause the room to be moisturized.

Meanwhile, the cool mist humidifier functions by releasing H2O into a wick, and by the aid of a fan, the H2O is broken down into tiny droplets. These vapors are thence expelled into the atmosphere as vapor thereby cooling and moisturizing the surrounding air. 

In a cold environment, it is best to employ the warm mist humidifiers as they ease breathing, and for this reason, they are appropriate for people with bronchitis. One of the therapeutic measures for curing bronchitis is steaming. However, due to their potential skin burn hazards as a result of the heating element, they are most dangerous to use. The cool ones, on the other hand, are safer, serve larger rooms, and are equally effective. So, when making your decision.

Always ensure you do not use your device in summer when the air is already moisturized as it could bring about bacteria increase and growth of mold in the furniture, walls, and the discharge of mold spore in the air. It could also worsen asthma in patients and cause other sicknesses in those with none.

Most of all, maintenance and regular cleaning are paramount so that you won’t contaminate your air and cause harm to yourself instead of good.


Having gone through our guide for your humidifiers, you can now make informed decisions, by considering the factors we’ve highlighted in what we consider the best humidifier for bronchitis. We would recommend you purchase the Levoit Ultrasonic which is the best on amazon as at the time of writing this review. 

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