Bamboo Eco-Thermo Sleeping Pads For Backpacking in Comfort

August 30th, 2011

Sleeping rough doesn’t have to mean sleeping on hard ground. These bamboo fiber sleeping pads are light and very comfortable. They pack up small, are light to carry ( at just 1lb 6oz) and very warm. They use bamboo fiber as the outer fabric and for the fill for great insulation. Even the valve is made of recycled aluminum, so they have been made with eco-friendly principles a priority. Even the renewable energy used to manufacture them has been carbon offset. It has won several awards from outdoor magazines for its rugged yet comfortable design. So make sure you sleep snugly on your next backpacking or camping expedition without affecting the environment at all.
Currently costs $150 from GaiaM

Faucet Aerator To Save Water Effortlessly

August 27th, 2011

This clever gadget can be fixed to bathroom or kitchen taps to save water easily. It aerates the water, so reducing the amount of water used, while still giving enough of a flow for handwashing, teeth brushing, rinsing of dishes and so on. Effectively the flow is reduced but you won’t realize it, as you are getting more than enough flow to rinse effectively. The only time you might not appreciate this little green gadget is when you are trying to fill a bucket or a large pan with water in a hurry, as that is when you will notice the reduction in flow. Otherwise it saves you a lot of water without making a difference to most everyday tasks. It is very affordable and well-made, so is a great investment for the eco-conscious.
Currently costs $2.99 on sale at Amazon

Solar Dragonfly Lights Add Charm To The Garden

August 23rd, 2011

These pretty accent lights are just the thing to add to your garden for night time color and charm. There are three dragonflies in each set and they connect via cords to a solar panel, which charges during the day for up to 10 hours illumination at night. The dragonflies are colorless when switched off, but automatically switch on at night and glow through a rainbow range of colors, constantly shifting for a magical feel. The only drawback is that there don’t seem to be replacement bulbs available, so after a couple of years, when they usually give out, you would have to replace the whole set. But they are very pretty clustered among the flower beds, and the kids will love them!
Set costs $34.95 from Gardeners Supply Company.

Non-Polluting Lawn Mower – Man-Powered

August 20th, 2011

In the good old days lawns were cut by hand with a scythe, then came mechanical push lawnmowers. GaiaM has recreated one of these in a lightweight and very effective design, ideal for mowing smaller areas of lawn and hard-to-get-at landscaping. It is easy to push and cuts cleanly and quietly, so your neighbors will love you! It doesn’t tear at the grass and leaves the lawn in good healthy condition. You can leave the lawn clippings on the grass as mulch if they are not too long or buy the grass catcher separately to collect them for the compost pile. The wheel height is adjustable and it has a 16” cutting width. Retro gardeners will love it and there will be no smelly fumes from oil or gas to spoil an idyllic summer morning in the garden.

Costs $159 from GaiaM with the Grass catcher extra at $36

Sustainable Energy Model Kit for Green Kids

August 15th, 2011

A fun way for kids to learn about sustainable living and various alternative energy solutions, this kit has loads of experiments and models to build. Kids can find out how to build solar cells, passive solar collectors, a solar oven, a wind power generator, a lemon battery, a greenhouse, an air conditioner and more. It is intended for kids of 10+ and comes with full instructions for all 30 experiments and 10 building projects. It would make a great gift for curious kids who are keen on saving the planet, or just electronic whizzes who want to go green.
The Green Power House currently costs $49.97 from Discovery Store.com

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