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Solar Dragonfly Lights Add Charm To The Garden

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

These pretty accent lights are just the thing to add to your garden for night time color and charm. There are three dragonflies in each set and they connect via cords to a solar panel, which charges during the day for up to 10 hours illumination at night. The dragonflies are colorless when switched off, but automatically switch on at night and glow through a rainbow range of colors, constantly shifting for a magical feel. The only drawback is that there don’t seem to be replacement bulbs available, so after a couple of years, when they usually give out, you would have to replace the whole set. But they are very pretty clustered among the flower beds, and the kids will love them!
Set costs $34.95 from Gardeners Supply Company.

Non-Polluting Lawn Mower – Man-Powered

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

In the good old days lawns were cut by hand with a scythe, then came mechanical push lawnmowers. GaiaM has recreated one of these in a lightweight and very effective design, ideal for mowing smaller areas of lawn and hard-to-get-at landscaping. It is easy to push and cuts cleanly and quietly, so your neighbors will love you! It doesn’t tear at the grass and leaves the lawn in good healthy condition. You can leave the lawn clippings on the grass as mulch if they are not too long or buy the grass catcher separately to collect them for the compost pile. The wheel height is adjustable and it has a 16” cutting width. Retro gardeners will love it and there will be no smelly fumes from oil or gas to spoil an idyllic summer morning in the garden.

Costs $159 from GaiaM with the Grass catcher extra at $36

Automatic Rain Monitor Saves Water

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

If you have sprinklers on an automatic timer in your yard, it does save a lot of work and make sure that your garden flourishes even when you don’t have much time for it. However it probably wastes a fair amount of water, as your garden gets watered whether it needs it or not.
This clever green gadget is very simple. It can tell if it’s been raining. When there has been recent rainfall it stops the system from watering. This stops your garden from being over watered as well as saving valuable water and keeping down your water bills. It doesn’t need batteries and operates very simply using rainfall and water pressure. At only $14.97 from Home Depot, it is a very worthwhile and affordable investment for any green gardener.

Outdoor Misting Fan For Cool Summer Porches and Yards

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Hot sunny days should be spent outdoors, not staying inside with the air-con on full blast. But sometimes when the heat is unbearable, those lazy summer days on the porch just don’t happen. This outdoor misting fan could be all you need to bring the temperature down enough to enjoy lazing on the porch again. It connects to a standard hose and emits a fine mist as it blows. It effectively cools a wide area by as much as 25 degrees and is very energy efficient. It has three speeds and a one year warranty.

Currently on sale at GaiaM for $81.99

Pretty Solar Garden Lanterns

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

These pretty solar lanterns are wonderful for creating a romantic atmosphere in the backyard, for entertaining or just for every day satisfaction. They glow a golden harvest moon colour and look magical hanging from the branches of trees or from the porch eaves. They look like paper lanterns but are actually made from a durable weatherproof nylon, so can be left out through rain and weather. They have a solar recharging panel on the top of the lantern. This works well when they are hung in a sunny postion, but if they are in full shade you will need to take them down to charge, which could be a nuisance if you want to hang them high in a tree. They fold flat so it is not a problem to charge them when they are not hanging.

Priced at $79 for three or $29 each at Gaiam

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