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Faucet Aerator To Save Water Effortlessly

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

This clever gadget can be fixed to bathroom or kitchen taps to save water easily. It aerates the water, so reducing the amount of water used, while still giving enough of a flow for handwashing, teeth brushing, rinsing of dishes and so on. Effectively the flow is reduced but you won’t realize it, as you are getting more than enough flow to rinse effectively. The only time you might not appreciate this little green gadget is when you are trying to fill a bucket or a large pan with water in a hurry, as that is when you will notice the reduction in flow. Otherwise it saves you a lot of water without making a difference to most everyday tasks. It is very affordable and well-made, so is a great investment for the eco-conscious.
Currently costs $2.99 on sale at Amazon

Automatic Rain Monitor Saves Water

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

If you have sprinklers on an automatic timer in your yard, it does save a lot of work and make sure that your garden flourishes even when you don’t have much time for it. However it probably wastes a fair amount of water, as your garden gets watered whether it needs it or not.
This clever green gadget is very simple. It can tell if it’s been raining. When there has been recent rainfall it stops the system from watering. This stops your garden from being over watered as well as saving valuable water and keeping down your water bills. It doesn’t need batteries and operates very simply using rainfall and water pressure. At only $14.97 from Home Depot, it is a very worthwhile and affordable investment for any green gardener.

Toilet Lid Sink

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

This is a great water saving idea – so simple and ingenious that you wonder nobody invented it before. When you flush the toilet, fresh water from the clean water pipe comes out of the spigot tap automatically for you to wash your hands. The hand-washing water fills the tank as you wash, ready to be recycled for the next flush. This is a plastic molded fitting that will fit onto a standard tank instead of the lid.

Not only is it a great water saving idea, but it also works well as a space saving feature, when there isn’t room for a full size basin in a small toilet or bathroom. I can see it taking off as a feature in public toilets in eco-friendly resorts too. Perhaps the only possible drawback is the danger of the soap slipping into the toilet itself!

It’s not cheap but it is much more affordable than buying and installing a separate sink. There is also a deluxe version for $20 more that aerates the water as it flows, using even less water.

Costs $99 direct from TierraPath

Rain barrel

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

rain Barrel

This rain barrel is collapsible making it easy to take with you wherever you go. It will hold 34 gallons of rain water to use in your home. A small spout on the bottom is compatible with a standard water hose.
$59.99 at Rain Barrel- Collapsible -156 Gallon Capacity, Sturdy legs inside barrel, Overflow spout, Eco Friendly product

Eco Kettle

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


The Eco Kettle saves water and power by keeping a reservoir of water separate from the heating compartment. Instead of boiling too much water every time, you just press a button to release the right amount (measured on a scale on the side) and no more.

The kettle is available for £29.95 (UK) from the Ethical Superstore.

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