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Sustainable Energy Model Kit for Green Kids

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A fun way for kids to learn about sustainable living and various alternative energy solutions, this kit has loads of experiments and models to build. Kids can find out how to build solar cells, passive solar collectors, a solar oven, a wind power generator, a lemon battery, a greenhouse, an air conditioner and more. It is intended for kids of 10+ and comes with full instructions for all 30 experiments and 10 building projects. It would make a great gift for curious kids who are keen on saving the planet, or just electronic whizzes who want to go green.
The Green Power House currently costs $49.97 from Discovery Store.com

Mini Solar Cars for Kids to Race

Monday, June 27th, 2011

This tiny car runs so fast, just on solar power. It’s solar panel takes up the whole roof and it really can go when the sun shines. The car measures only 2 inches long and it is a really zippy. These are cheap enough to buy several and let the kids race them, to introduce them to solar power in a fun way. It will even go at night when you shine a powerful flashlight on it. This would make a great stocking filler at Christmas and a fun filler for a party pack at birthday parties. Or make the car race one of the kids’ party activities.

Currently only costs $2.59 from MiniInTheBox

Kids Paper Recycling Kit

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Recycling paper is one of the first steps to going green and now kids can recycle their own in a unique green craft project kit. It comes with all they need to learn the principles of paper recycling and make their own paper from the used paper around the house. They can create some wonderful craft projects as they learn. This is an inexpensive set, and though the principle is green the materials look rather cheap and plastic, not made to last all that long. One comment from a user was that it would be better to use the kitchen blender than the mixer from the kit. But all in all it’s a fun and affordable idea that kids will enjoy and learn from.

Costs $12.97 from Discovery Store.

Solar Grasshopper Toy

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

A fun way for kids to learn about solar power, this grasshopper has no battery but uses solar power from a tiny solar cell to power an entertaining jiggling dance. Quirky antenna sway and eyes jiggle. This toy will keep kids and adults amused for ages and makes a good green choice for a small gift, with no batteries needed. There are also two other toys in this range: a zippy racing car and a scurrying crab.

Costs $12 from Real Goods

Solar Hat Fan

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Looking for an inexpensive gift for the green kid in your life, old or young?! This solar powered hat fan is a fun way of keeping cool in hot weather and will appeal to the gizmo wizard as well as any ten year-old. Simply clip the fan onto the brim of your hat and the sun will power the mini fan and blow air in your face to cool you down. A great way of encouraging kids to wear their hats on hot days! Maybe not so great for girls with long hair though, I can imagine some disastrous results on a windy day!

Costs $10 from Real Goods

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