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Pilot B2P – Bottle to Pen

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Pilot B2P

I’m not very fussy with pens, many times I prefer your classic clear ballpoint pen for writing checks, taking notes, doodling while on the phone, and an occasional sketch. If I wrote long cursive essays about how I spent my summer or breathy entries in my daily diary I’d probably want to go with the elegant fountain pen but as most of my pen use takes less than a minute or two I’m happy with the basics.

With my lack of pen connoisseurship in mind, I enjoyed trying out this new B2P pen from Pilot and was sold by the fact this new pen is made from 89.9 percent post-consumer recycled content made me take note. Taking just one plastic bottle out of the landfill makes approximately two of these pens, it probably won’t make much difference to the sorry state of plastic pollution in our landfills where some 50% of potentially recyclable materials there are from recyclable plastic bottles that people thoughtlessly ditch anyway. Every little bit helps and we have to start somewhere; the more we can reuse plastic for something as worthwhile as a decent pen then all the better.

The pen itself worked great for me, I liked the satisfying click, it works, the roller-ball ink didn’t skip and wrote smoothly and is still working fine after a couple of weeks of using it off and on. It looks a little like a the water bottle that it brings new life and is an attractive clear blue with water bottle swirly indentations with its design. The pen uses the Pilot G2 gel ink refill. I tried the blue but also comes in black and red.

Here is a doodle/sketch I made with this pen – silly drawing but I had fun with it and the pen did its job pretty well.

$23.20 for 12 pens at Amazon.com

Eco Non-Stick Pan Set

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Teflon pans may have been convenient for non-stick cooking, but we now know they are a health hazard with toxic fumes being emitted at high heats. If you are looking for alternatives to Teflon cookware, this Starfrit eco-friendly pan set could well be the answer. It uses a natural non-toxic ceramic coating to create a non-stick surface to the pans and it really does work. The pans themselves are made of recycled aluminium and designed to retain heat, as well as to be recyclable at the end of their lifespan. These are quite light pans and nowhere near as sturdy as cast iron, so don’t expect them to stand up to chipping with metal implements, but it you are looking for Teflon alternatives and a set of non-stick cookware with a similar functionality and general use, this would be a good and much healthier choice.
Set of five pans costs $139.99 at Amazon

Biodegradable Cowpots For Cuttings and Seedlings

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Gardening ought to be one of the greenest activities, but too often ‘green’ fingers rely on not so green accessories. Take all those plastic flower pots left over from planting out seedlings and cuttings for instance. What if you could just plant the whole pot and it would bio-degrade and add to the soil as the plant grows? Connecticut dairy farmers, Matt and Ben Freund, came up with this very idea and invented the cowpot. These are completely eco-friendly pots made of composted, dried cow manure and natural fibers and pressed into convenient pot shapes. Gardeners just get their seedlings or cuttings established in these pots and then plant them out in the pots, reducing transplant shock and adding nutrients as the pot biodegrades. And no plastic to dispose of! They come in several sizes from 3” to 5”.

Costs from $10.95 for a set of 12 pots from Gardeners Supply Company

Kids Paper Recycling Kit

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Recycling paper is one of the first steps to going green and now kids can recycle their own in a unique green craft project kit. It comes with all they need to learn the principles of paper recycling and make their own paper from the used paper around the house. They can create some wonderful craft projects as they learn. This is an inexpensive set, and though the principle is green the materials look rather cheap and plastic, not made to last all that long. One comment from a user was that it would be better to use the kitchen blender than the mixer from the kit. But all in all it’s a fun and affordable idea that kids will enjoy and learn from.

Costs $12.97 from Discovery Store.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Peace Sign Design

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Plastic water bottles have kicked up a storm of controversy now that the dangers of BPA in plastics have been recognized. The best alternative to keep yourself hydrated through the day, is a sturdy, re-usable stainless steel bottle without any lining, which will keep your water fresh without adding any chemicals to it. Stainless steel is lightweight and durable and can be recycled at the end of its life. This design is a gorgeous deep blue with a paisley pattern on it and has a useful carabinier clip to hang it from a bag or bike. It has a wide top so can take ice cubes or even soups in winter. There are several other colorways and patterns in this model, so if the peace sign isn’t you, have a look for another.

Currently costs $11.98 from Gaiam

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