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Solar Trickle Charger Keeps Car Battery Topped Up

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

If you have a car that isn’t used often enough to keep the battery healthy, this is the perfect solution. It is a solar car battery charger that trickle charges when set in the sunshine. It can just sit on the dashboard or in the rear window and charge the car battery whenever it is not in use. An LED light blinks to indicate the charge. If you have problems with the battery gradually draining, this will keep it topped up. However it is not intended to recharge batteries that are totally flat or compensate for faulty batteries, so don’t expect miracles!
Costs $28.55 from Amazon

Check your Tire Pressure Lately?

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Tire Pressure Gauge

Accutire MS-4350B Programmable Digital Tire Gauge $10.00 Amazon

You probably heard all about Obama’s recent comment on how if everyone properly inflated their tires it could save as much oil as would be gotten from off-shore drilling. A good article about the politics of the Obama’s latest statement and the conservatives reaction can be found here at Huffington Post.

The government site fueleconomy.gov has a number of fuel-saving, money-saving tips like how keeping your tires properly inflated can save you up to 12 cents a gallon. Interesting to note: off shore drilling and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling combined, 20 years later, would only save you 6 cents a gallon.

If you just got inspired by all this latest news and are looking for the right gauge – then consider the Accutire MS-4350B Programmable Digital Tire Gauge from Amazon.com
It is programmable so you can record your car’s recommended optimal tire pressure settings for front and rear tires. Its large, blue, backlit LCD screen makes for easy viewing. What else can you say – its a tire pressure gauge. A number of people complained about this model having issues with not getting a good seal but that has apparently been resolved.

For more info, check out Car Talk’s great page on everything you ever wanted or needed to know about your tire pressure.

All Electric Three Wheeler Car

Friday, July 20th, 2007


Venture Vehicles has in development what appears to be a fantastically green and cool new mode of transport. You can now pre-register for the VentureOne’s e50 and Q100 hybrids or the Venture EV (all electric)
The hybrids have a 300+ mile range and can get up to 100 miles per gallon with a top speed of over 100mph. It is a 3 wheeled vehicle that is fully enclosed with state of the art steel safety features and includes airbags and side impact beams, making it much safer than a motorcycle.

This mini-cooper sized vehicle seats two with sleek wrap around windows. The videos on their flytheroad.com website make this trike looks a blast to drive, the front “cab” driving area is able to lean up to 45 degrees on turns while leaving the engine area horizontal. The videos on the VentureOne website shows this very well.

VentureOne Ad

The planned price tag of $23,000 for the EV model and 18K for the hybrid might be a bit steep for such a small “car” but your savings on gas and the good karma you’ll have by not adding to greenhouse gas pollution makes it a serious temptation. They plan to release this in late 2008.

Can Air Travel be Green?

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Could Airships be an answer?

Jet travel results in massive emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that accelerate global warming. Flying is one of the worst polluters of all yet not enough is said about it. The Alternet article Air Travel is Killing the Planet is a great article to learn about how destructive air travel is to the environment. The article states “We could close every factory, lock away every car and turn off every light in the country, but it won’t halt global warming if we carry on taking planes as often as we do.”

Needless to say, there is virtually no political will for any serious reduction of air travel. Even Al Gore flies around the world, many times in a private jet, to give his presentations on global warming. Seems to me that we have all grown so reliant on the speed and convenience of air travel that we give it a pass, despite its significant role in climate change.

Not to say there aren’t people thinking about the issue. Richard Branson, Virgin CEO, has started a new company called Virgin Fuels that is looking for ways to create biofuel for jets. He plans on investing $1 billion in alternative fuels over the next four years, and possibly commercial jet engines within five years. A billion dollars might actually come up with something but right now it seems a long way off.

Another possible solution is “blended wing bodies” airplanes in which seat passengers in enlarged wings. Some claim it could possibly reduce fuel use by 20-30 percent.

Solar Big Wheel Love Seat

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Amazing what a little ingenuity can come up with… imagine what would happen if a whole lot of ingenuity, like a few hundred billion dollars worth, were applied to the problem of getting renewable, clean, and cheap energy to power our transportation.

On the other hand, here is an example of a somewhat questionable use of ingenuity – despite it looking like it would be a pretty cool ride. The people at armchaircruisers.com who have built and are selling gas-powered, motorized, arm-chair recliner mobiles, some come with built in coolers for beer and chips… I wonder if they make an extra-wide model? I am having a hard time with the question if these were solar powered, would it make them any better? They have videos that show their chairs in action.
armchair cruiser

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