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Eco Cup – Porcelain Cup For Coffee To Go

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Finding a reusable cup for your lattes and coffee to go is essential if you are aiming for a green lifestyle. All those disposable paper cups add up to wasteful landfill and wasted paper. The Eco Cup is made of porcelain, no plastic here, with a silicon lid and sleeve to turn it into the perfect travel cup. The lid seals well with no leaks and the sleeve protects your hand from the heat of the hot drink. This version is a single walled one, so won’t keep your coffee hot as long as a thermal version with double walls. It is however very affordable and feels nice in the hand. At 14oz it’s a good size too.
Currently costs $11.75 from Amazon.com

Pilot B2P – Bottle to Pen

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Pilot B2P

I’m not very fussy with pens, many times I prefer your classic clear ballpoint pen for writing checks, taking notes, doodling while on the phone, and an occasional sketch. If I wrote long cursive essays about how I spent my summer or breathy entries in my daily diary I’d probably want to go with the elegant fountain pen but as most of my pen use takes less than a minute or two I’m happy with the basics.

With my lack of pen connoisseurship in mind, I enjoyed trying out this new B2P pen from Pilot and was sold by the fact this new pen is made from 89.9 percent post-consumer recycled content made me take note. Taking just one plastic bottle out of the landfill makes approximately two of these pens, it probably won’t make much difference to the sorry state of plastic pollution in our landfills where some 50% of potentially recyclable materials there are from recyclable plastic bottles that people thoughtlessly ditch anyway. Every little bit helps and we have to start somewhere; the more we can reuse plastic for something as worthwhile as a decent pen then all the better.

The pen itself worked great for me, I liked the satisfying click, it works, the roller-ball ink didn’t skip and wrote smoothly and is still working fine after a couple of weeks of using it off and on. It looks a little like a the water bottle that it brings new life and is an attractive clear blue with water bottle swirly indentations with its design. The pen uses the Pilot G2 gel ink refill. I tried the blue but also comes in black and red.

Here is a doodle/sketch I made with this pen – silly drawing but I had fun with it and the pen did its job pretty well.

$23.20 for 12 pens at Amazon.com

Energy Efficient Ergonomic Desk Lamp

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Modern ergonomic design with total energy efficiency makes this desk light perfect for the green home that likes to be modern as well as eco-friendly. The lamp uses twenty cool 100 year LEDs to produce bright focused light equivalent to 60 W, but they still use less than 3W to do so. Warm flicker free light is perfect for reading by and as a precision task lamp. The long neck is adjustable so can be angled to exactly where you want it. A great gift for older kids, students and anyone else who likes sleek and efficient design.

Costs $105 from Real Goods

Levitating and Rotating Magnetic Globe

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

magnetic floating globe
magnetic floating globe
$99.95 at
uv scientifics online

Perhaps not the greenist gee-gaw in the world but it is a wonderful tribute to our planet. Having the world spin and hover over your desk could remind you keep our planet in the forefront of your attention. This blue and silver globe auto-rotates while levitating magnetically with a mechanism that turns objects clockwise, counter-clockwise, or off. The base includes a LED light above and below.The globe can be replaced with a number of different levitating items, that the site also offers for sale.

Eco-Friendly Work Desk

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Green Office Desk
60″ Straight Desk from Legare furniture.com 279.00 on sale

If you get inspired from our previous post on a Green Work Chair then you might consider a green desk to go along with it. I will repeat that the best green furniture is used furniture – don’t buy, reuse! But for many people that might not be practical just now and need to find some other earth friendly options for their furniture.

There are many designer desks with futuristic designs that might appeal to your tastes, here is a link from Treehugger on green desks and workstations that can give you some ideas. This Legare Desk is somewhat more affordable and seems to have respectable sustainable considerations in its design, for more info on why their desks are green see this link.

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