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Draft Excluder To Save Energy Wastage and Keep Heat In

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Sometimes the simplest energy saving ideas have the most effect. Drafts from ill-fitting doors and windows often cause more heat loss and wasted energy than anything else. Plus a drafty house isn’t comfortable and you tend to turn up the heat to compensate. Just fit one of these simple draft guards under the doors and solve the problem once and for all. It’s not just in winter that it is useful. Hot summer air blowing under doors will also up your air-con energy consumption. You can save up to 15% on heating and energy bills if you use one of these on every drafty door in the house. This guard stays on when doors open, gliding over the floor with the door.

Costs $12 from GaiaM

Mini Hand-Cranked Keychain Flashlight

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Solar power is great, but what if the sun isn’t shining, or it’s night time and you’re caught without a light. This tiny keychain flashlight can be hand-cranked in minutes to give a good LED light. All it needs is human power, turning food into light! And the best thing is that if you keep it on your keychain then it will always be right there when you need it. This would be a great stocking filler or party gift for older kids and eco-geeks of all ages.

Costs $4.99 from ThinkGeek

Solar Powered Welding Helmet With Auto Darkening

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

For occasional welder this Neiko solar powered helmet is a great buy. Its auto darkening feature works near instantly and very effectively. It is easily adjustable for a good fit, is lightweight and sturdy and it meets all the ANSI standards for eye protection. The viewing window is large enough to give a good view of our work area and the whole helmet gives good coverage. The solar cell recharges the internal lithium battery for continuous function. The flames decal decoration is an added bonus.
Currently this helmet is offered at 70% off the recommended retail price at Amazon.com, costing $45.35, so it’s a great deal.

Hand Cranked LEGO Flashlight Wastes No Batteries

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Kids love flashlights, but they often forget to switch them off. Buying batteries week after week gets expensive and is not great for the environment. This Lego flashlight is the perfect solution for Lego fans. It is hand cranked by rotating the arm, so the dynamo powers the flashlight with no need for batteries at all. It’s sturdy enough for younger kids and works well enough for adults to borrow in power outages!

It comes in various colors and there are also other Lego character versions, including a Police officer and a City construction man. This would make a great gift for any child who plays with Lego or who just enjoys gadgets.
Currently costs $ 20.83 from Amazon.com

Solar Light Bulbs Re-Using Plastic Bottles

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

This is the very latest in cool green gadgets. Only just available to purchase now, these versatile solar bulbs made waves when they were unveiled at the beginning of the year. The bulbs are LED lamps that are charged by solar power during the day. At night you just slot the bulb into the neck of any standard plastic bottle to have six hours of continuous lighting.

The plastic bottles can be half filled with water to create a stable base and amplify the light into a bright glow. A simple and ingenious idea that should save you money on purchasing light bulbs. Of course these rely on you putting them out in the sun to charge in the morning, so will only really pay dividends if you are committed to doing that every day. But even if you aren’t an off-the-grid devotee, they are a fun green gadget to give as a gift to adults or older kids.
Now available at KidWind project costing $20 each

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