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Affordable Solar Coming to the City?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Veranda Solar panel outside window

in development at Veranda Solar

Most solar panels for homes are primarily marketed for larger, more affluent suburban home owner. Veranda Solar has a new idea that offers an affordable solution for people living in the city, small enough to use outside apartment and condo windows. It probably won’t generate enough power to run all the electricity but may offer significant help in lowering energy use. They are estimating they will sell these for $400-600 and that the end user will be able to install easily themselves. The caveat, of course, is you’ll need a sunny window and unless the panels can move to move to follow the sun – there will only a be a limited time it can collect direct sun rays. Still, they may be able to work out these issues so it can offer solar power to renters and other city dwellers.

from Coolest Gadgets

Energizer Announces New Solar Battery Recharger

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

 Energizer's New Solar Battery Recharger

At the recent CES 2009 conference, Energizer promoted its soon to be released Solar Battery Recharger. This won’t be the most earth changing green gadget to hit the market, It’s still cool that you can power all your pocket electronics completely off-grid. You can charge both AA and AAA batteries with renewable solar power.

This Solar Charger holds several batteries at once and also contains a USB port that can charge some cell phones, GPS units, cameras (not security cameras, but digital), and iPods. If the sun isn’t handy you can also connect to the electrical outlet for charging.

The solar charger is expected to go on sale this summer for $49.99 and comes with two rechargable batteries.

via goodcleantech and inhabitat


Greenpeace on why greener gadgets matter.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Check out this excellent 1/7/09 article from Greenpeace on why greener gadgets matter and also their blogs various articles which discuss how green are some of the items at this years consumer electronic industry’s biggest trade show in Las Vegas (CES 2009).

Heat and Cool your Home with Geothermal Power

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

geothermal heating

With the ever increasing prices of heating oil and natural gas some people are starting to look into the feasibility of geothermal heating to heat their homes. In the US this technology isn’t as advanced and popular as in Iceland or parts of Europe but as energy prices go through the roof maybe its time we start thinking about what’s under the basement.

Once you start to get below 6 feet in the ground the temperature —stays between 50˚F and 60˚F year round so it is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter in most areas. The basics of Geothermal heating and cooling is very simple; just circulate fluids through the ground to cool the fluids and then that cool fluid will then cool the air that circulates through your house via some type of ducts. The same principal is used for heating in the winter, the fluids and then the air is warmed in a similar manner. However, the heat generated is often not as warm as what most people prefer so a compressor is used that increases the temperature somewhat. Here is an excellent link, The Case for Geothermal, that goes into this explanation in far greater detail.

Here is a European based site, Geothermie.net which has some good information on how you might or might not be able to use it for your home.

However, in many parts of the US, like New England, the cost is steep upfront, like up to 15-30 Grand. However, overtime it may be cost effective and certainly will add to your home value.

Here is a link to the Geocomfort site that can get you hooked up with even more info as well as a local dealer.

Visualize Flower Power

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Flower Pod
Why do the really cool green gadgets tend to just be prototypes or some design student’s thesis project? Seems like something like this FlowerPod should find a ready market with the sky high energy prices and increased eco awareness.

The FlowerPod is a digital flower that blossoms when it reads your home is using electricity the way you should be. But as soon as you start to disregard your usage, leaving the computers and TV’s on all day and night, your beautiful flower will wither into a dead one. You will do all you can to show you really have a green thumb…and house!
Check out the details at the GreenerGadgets competitions website

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