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Solar or Hand Crank Radio and Flashlight

Friday, April 8th, 2011

When you’re out in the wilderness fishing or camping and need to keep in touch with the weather channel, a radio that isn’t dependant on an electric supply is essential. This Eton Scorpio radio can be solar charged or hand-cranked when the sun lets you down. It has a digital AM/FM radio tuner and picks up the NOAA weather band for emergency bulletins. There is a built in LED flashlight which always comes in handy, and a good sized solar panel for charging. It also lists a USB cell phone charger and audio line input for use as an MP3 speaker among its other functions. In a rubber casing for sturdiness, it is splash proof but not fully waterproof.
Costs $50 from EMS.

Energy-Saving Surge Protector Strip

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

One way of eliminating wasted energy is by switching off all those home machines that have stand-by features, which consume energy even when they are not being used: the tv, dvd, stereo and so on all gobble up energy in stand-by mode. This surge protector makes it that much easier to manage, so that you can switch off all the devices plugged into it with a simple remote control, without having to dive under desks or behind furniture. It has six switchable sockets and two always-on power outlets for easy management. The remote control can be wall-mounted near your light switch, so that you can just switch everything off in one go as you leave the room, saving energy costs and phantom power consumption. This is one very simple way of reducing your carbon footprint and saving money, as well as protecting your electronics and extending their life.

Currently costs $31.62 from amazon.com

Bamboo Laptop

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Bamboo is the very latest green material to have hit the headlines. Sustainable and eco-friendly to produce, it has so many uses. But did you know that you can now get a bamboo laptop?! OK, so it’s not totally made of bamboo, but the bamboo exterior reduces the amount of plastic used in the production of this laptop by 15% and gives it a sleek and sexy finish that will appeal to the green among us who are still devoted to their technology. Stylish and light enough to make this a really useful Notebook, it has Windows 7 and all the latest functionalities and boasts 10 hours of battery life. All in all if you want your technology to come with eco-styling that does away with the plastic, this would be a good new laptop to choose.

Costs $999 from amazon

Solar Charger That Works!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The problem with many solar battery chargers is that the solar panels just aren’t big enough to be effective. This combined battery and USB solar charger has a great folding design that provides a big enough surface to charge batteries fully in four hours of full sun. Perfect for backpackers, campers and travelers, it will keep you in power wherever you are. Backpackers can lash it to a backpack as they hike to power cellphones, ipods and so on and extra energy is stored in the batteries to use at night. It is lightweight and easily portable too, so a winner all round.

Costs $99.99 at Amazon

Auto Ionizer

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe clean air even when you are driving in heavy traffic. This handy ionizer plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and releases negative ions into the air of your car, removing odors and pollutants from the air. Even with your air conditioner going full blast, the car air is usually just as polluted as the outside air, so when you are commuting you often arrive feeling tired and stale. Breathing cleaner air really makes a difference to how you feel after a journey. The device doesn’t draw much power and can be left plugged in overnight, but should be unplugged if the car is not being used for a week or so. Anyone who spends time driving in cities would benefit from this eco-friendly gadget and it is very affordable.

Currently costs $14.99 at Gaiam

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