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UV Sanitizing Wand – Cleaning Without Chemicals

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

This amazing wand uses UV light instead of harsh chemicals to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, dust mites and flea eggs. It utilizes battery power to emit the light silently, so all you have to do is pass the wand over the surface you want to clean, to get rid of the germs. Perfect for allergy sufferers, it can easily be used on mattresses and bedding to get rid of the dust mites that so often make you wake up with a stuffy nose. If your pet insists on sleeping on the sofa or on your bed, it is easy enough to get rid of fleas and their eggs too. It’s easy to use and not too heavy. In fact it is light enough to pack to use when you are traveling and are concerned about germs in hotel rooms.

Costs $79 at Gaiam

Green Laundry Balls

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

If you want to save money, save the environment and reduce the amount of cleaning products you use, these laundry balls are great on all fronts. You simply put one in with your wash and the natural ceramics in the ball change the ph balance of the water to that of detergent, so that the laundry is softened and cleaned without any detergents or chemicals. They’re even anti-bacterial. For heavy soiling, such as cloth diapers, you will need something else as well as the laundry ball, but the ball will allow you to reduce your detergent by 2/3 for these washes. Stains will still need to be pre-treated as before too. Baking soda used in conjunction with the balls helps to get rid of odors. The advantages of washing laundry with these are huge and if you have a problem with skin reactions to detergents these balls will solve that problem in one go.

Costs $29 at Gaiam

Auto Ionizer

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe clean air even when you are driving in heavy traffic. This handy ionizer plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and releases negative ions into the air of your car, removing odors and pollutants from the air. Even with your air conditioner going full blast, the car air is usually just as polluted as the outside air, so when you are commuting you often arrive feeling tired and stale. Breathing cleaner air really makes a difference to how you feel after a journey. The device doesn’t draw much power and can be left plugged in overnight, but should be unplugged if the car is not being used for a week or so. Anyone who spends time driving in cities would benefit from this eco-friendly gadget and it is very affordable.

Currently costs $14.99 at Gaiam

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