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Solar-Powered Tent

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009


Camping need not necessarily mean leaving behind all the comforts of home. This 6-person tent includes a solar panel that provides battery power to run the tent’s built-in lighting. Here is a link to a previous post we made on another model of solar tents that was more comprehensive.

Available for $249.99 (Canadian) from Canadian Tire.

Solar LED Water Bottle

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Solar LED Water Bottle

$19.95 at nexusgadgets

What a cool idea, a solar led light and water bottle all in one. On your next hiking trip take this along to use as a water bottle through the day to drink from and to store up power with its built-in solar panel which will power a LED lantern for nighttime use. It has not only has your standard white LED light mode but also a blinking red light “help” mode.

Bamboo Walking Stick Flute

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Bamboo Walking Stick Flute
Bamboo Walking Stick Flute
various models ranging $29 – $59 at Serenity Bamboo Flutes

This would perhaps make a great present for a musical hiker or perhaps someone who tends to hike in esoteric places like Macchu Picchu,Taj Mahal or maybe to a 90’s reunion of Iron John enthusiasts hiking to a the Drum Circle in the woods. Seriously though, this seems like an awesome walking stick, sturdy,light, and can take the rigors of a vigorous walk. Also made with eco-friendly bamboo. It also has a compass inlaid on the top as well as a strap and rubber tip. The tortoise shell finish is strikingly beautiful and they have other options like hand inked models and they will also customize it with engravings, custom length and other options. I didn’t see any link to hear what they sounded like but they have customer photos of places people travel with their stick flutes.
These flutes can play up to 2 octaves and are tuned to a Major Scale (G).

Weza, The Portable Human Powered Energy Source

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Weza, human powered energy source

Weza Portable Energy Source $299.99 at HealthyHome.com

Ever want to get away from it all, be totally off grid but still have a few creature comforts? Now you can be in the middle of nowhere, in the dead of night and still be able to charge your cell, watch a DVD or TV, connect a laptop, GPS or even turn on some lights.

This new energy source will work with a step-action crank effect that with about a five minute workout will give you enough power to use a satellite phone for 20 minutes. It can even jump start your car.
For devices that require more juice like watching TV you will only get enough power for enough time to catch a few commercials. Ok, that might not be so useful but if you fully charge the internal battery from an AC or DC source, like your car and you will be good to go for much longer. I’m not sure how long of a charge you’ll get if you foot-pump it all night long but presumably you will get more time the longer you crank the pump.

It’s 299.99 price might deter some people but a bigger problem for me would be its 18.6 lb weight especially if I had to lug it far into the wilderness with all my other gear. If that isn’t a problem for you it might be worth a look.

Bug Zappers Not a Green Solution

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

bug zapper
Despite our best efforts Mosquitoes resist our efforts to do them in. They return every year to bug us and also to transmit serious disease. This will undoubtedly worsen as Global Warming heats up.

Bug Zappers, especially the “eco-friendly” solar powered ones, might seem like a good way to protect your back yard from these pests, the satisfying pop and crackle while meeting their doom seems worth the price alone. But studies have shown they are rarely effective against mosquitoes, of bugs killed maybe 4% tend to be mosquitoes. Mostly, it kills beneficial moths, beetles and other bugs who may actually eat other harmful insects. These bug zappers not only kill off good insects but may contribute to ruining an important food source for songbirds. So, in other words, they are a total rip-off.

So what is the best Green solution to mosquitoes? Mainstream repellents containing DEET diethyl-meta-toluamide tends to be the standard of effective repellent but many people are understandably wary of putting this chemical stew on their skin. One site, Journey to Forever.org,
gives a great recipe for Handmade Organic Mosquito Repellent (HOMeR), that they claim is a very effective means to naturally repel mosquitoes using lemon grass. Another natural repellent that you can buy is oil of lemon-eucalyptus, sold as Repel. Here is a great site, Mosquito.org which has a wealth of info on all things mosquito. Finally, Ecogreentips.com has some good info on some helpful solutions to the mosquito problems for you and your back yard.

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