About Great Green Gadgets

larry.jpgGreat Green Gadget’s main purpose is to find interesting articles on the web about gadgets, big and small, that promote environmental concerns. Our value is that we provide the best links and information– by doing this service we help to weed out less useful search engine results and provide useful research that help to better understand an issue. Or perhaps you will just marvel at some new eco-friendly device.

The true definition of gadgets is that they tend to be small – but you circumvent that definition if you compare an airplane with the planet! Ok, that’s probably grammatical cheating; hopefully our posts will be interesting enough for you to overlook it. We mainly discuss how various electronic, mechanical, or technological devices promote a greener future.

Great Green Gadgets is written and managed by me, Larry Groff. I’m not a journalist nor have I formally studied ecology, my credentials are only a passion for both technology and ecological concerns. I work as a medical animator http://www.primedmover.com and fine art painter http://www.larrygroff.com. I live in Boston, Ma with my wife who runs greatgreengoods and several other greatgreen blogs.