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Solar Trickle Charger Keeps Car Battery Topped Up

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

If you have a car that isn’t used often enough to keep the battery healthy, this is the perfect solution. It is a solar car battery charger that trickle charges when set in the sunshine. It can just sit on the dashboard or in the rear window and charge the car battery whenever it is not in use. An LED light blinks to indicate the charge. If you have problems with the battery gradually draining, this will keep it topped up. However it is not intended to recharge batteries that are totally flat or compensate for faulty batteries, so don’t expect miracles!
Costs $28.55 from Amazon

Outdoor Misting Fan For Cool Summer Porches and Yards

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Hot sunny days should be spent outdoors, not staying inside with the air-con on full blast. But sometimes when the heat is unbearable, those lazy summer days on the porch just don’t happen. This outdoor misting fan could be all you need to bring the temperature down enough to enjoy lazing on the porch again. It connects to a standard hose and emits a fine mist as it blows. It effectively cools a wide area by as much as 25 degrees and is very energy efficient. It has three speeds and a one year warranty.

Currently on sale at GaiaM for $81.99

Mini Hand-Cranked Keychain Flashlight

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Solar power is great, but what if the sun isn’t shining, or it’s night time and you’re caught without a light. This tiny keychain flashlight can be hand-cranked in minutes to give a good LED light. All it needs is human power, turning food into light! And the best thing is that if you keep it on your keychain then it will always be right there when you need it. This would be a great stocking filler or party gift for older kids and eco-geeks of all ages.

Costs $4.99 from ThinkGeek

Solar Powered Welding Helmet With Auto Darkening

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

For occasional welder this Neiko solar powered helmet is a great buy. Its auto darkening feature works near instantly and very effectively. It is easily adjustable for a good fit, is lightweight and sturdy and it meets all the ANSI standards for eye protection. The viewing window is large enough to give a good view of our work area and the whole helmet gives good coverage. The solar cell recharges the internal lithium battery for continuous function. The flames decal decoration is an added bonus.
Currently this helmet is offered at 70% off the recommended retail price at Amazon.com, costing $45.35, so it’s a great deal.

Solar Powered Measuring Spoon Scale for Cooks

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

When you need to measure small quantities of ingredients, such as spices or oils, ordinary scales, even digital ones aren’t much use. That is where this little green gadget comes in so handy. Simply spoon up an amount and get a digital reading on the handle, so you know exactly how much you have got. Even better, the measuring spoon is solar powered, so there is no battery to run low and give a dodgy reading. Leave it on a sunny window sill when it is not in use and it will be charged and ready to go whenever you need it.
The TC-11 – solar digital spoon scale currently costs $18.99 from MiniInTheBox

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