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Eco Hair Dryer – Soft Shiny Hair Using Less Energy

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The new technology used in this eco hairdryer allows it to use less energy than traditional hairdryers. Did you know that traditional hair-dryers give off electromagnetic radiation? With a ceramic heating element instead of the usual coil heating, this hairdryer emits a lot less electromagnetic radiation, so is healthier and uses half the energy. When operated on full power with both switches turned to max, it dries your hair in half the time too, leaving it free of static and so much softer and shinier. It comes with two nozzles for directional blow-drying, several heat settings and a long 11ft cord.

So if you struggle with hair frizzing when you use a conventional hairdryer, worry about the health implications of aiming radiation straight at your head day after day, or just want to use energy more efficiently, this does seem to be worth the investment.
Costs $149 from Gaiam.com

Energy Saving Socket Timer Outlet

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

This is a useful energy saving gadget with many applications around the home. Very simple to use, effectively it is a timer. You plug in your device, decide whether you want it on for half an hour, 3 hours or six and press the button to start the time. After the time has elapsed it switches off and there is no further energy draw from the appliance. So it is great for cellphone chargers, which are otherwise often left on all night, wasting energy. Also works well for space heaters, power tool chargers and even for leaving the lamp on in the kids’ room when they are going to sleep. There are plenty of other timing devices on the market but this Belkin version wins on simplicity and effectiveness. It is also very affordable so you could buy several for different uses.

Costs $9.99 from Amazon.com

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