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Automatic Indoor Composter

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

If you like the idea of composting as part of green living, but put it off because it sounds too complicated, this indoor composter is for you. It automatically monitors temperature and moisture to produce compost efficiently and odor-free. It can compost up to 120lb of food waste per month and provides garden ready compost every two weeks. There is even a light to tell you when the next batch is ready to use. The composter handles dairy, meat and fish, so will really cut down on the amount of garbage you send to landfill. It uses 5kwh energy per month for this efficiency, but is well worth it if you are a city or small garden composter, who would otherwise not have the space for composting.

Costs $399 from Real Goods

Solar Hanging Basket Rotator

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

If you are a devotee of hanging baskets, this clever gadget could be the answer to that perennial problem of plants growing unevenly towards the light, the front ones bushing madly and the ones at the back not standing a chance. Hang your baskets from these devices and they will automatically rotate the baskets through the day, ensuring even light exposure on all side. Solar powered, they will rotate faster on sunnier days (up to 5 rotations) and more slowly on dull days (at least one full rotation), automatically regulating the amount of sun your plants get. They can hold up to 24 lbs in weight and can be manually rotated too for easy watering.

Costs $19.95 each from The Home Depot.

Kids Paper Recycling Kit

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Recycling paper is one of the first steps to going green and now kids can recycle their own in a unique green craft project kit. It comes with all they need to learn the principles of paper recycling and make their own paper from the used paper around the house. They can create some wonderful craft projects as they learn. This is an inexpensive set, and though the principle is green the materials look rather cheap and plastic, not made to last all that long. One comment from a user was that it would be better to use the kitchen blender than the mixer from the kit. But all in all it’s a fun and affordable idea that kids will enjoy and learn from.

Costs $12.97 from Discovery Store.

Energy Efficient Ergonomic Desk Lamp

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Modern ergonomic design with total energy efficiency makes this desk light perfect for the green home that likes to be modern as well as eco-friendly. The lamp uses twenty cool 100 year LEDs to produce bright focused light equivalent to 60 W, but they still use less than 3W to do so. Warm flicker free light is perfect for reading by and as a precision task lamp. The long neck is adjustable so can be angled to exactly where you want it. A great gift for older kids, students and anyone else who likes sleek and efficient design.

Costs $105 from Real Goods

Bath Water Filter For the Faucet

Friday, February 11th, 2011

It’s easy enough to filter the water we drink, but what about the water we bath in? Most water supplies today are full of chlorine and when we bath in that water we get dry, itchy skin, brittle hair and even red eyes. By attaching this simple filter to the bath faucet, we can take out most of the chlorine and make our baths revitalizing and relaxing again. The filter uses a high purity copper zinc formula and only needs replacing every 8-12 months, giving a huge improvement in water quality. You might need to run your bath slightly more slowly than usual so that the water doesn’t overflow the filter, but the wait will be worth it.

Filter costs $64 from Gaiam
icon with replacement filters costing $42.

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