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Bamboo Make-up Brush Set

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Green tools are green tools, and make-up tools are one of the things we often forget about when going green. What’s the point of buying eco-friendly, cruelty–free cosmetics if your brushes aren’t also eco-friendly and cruelty-free. This 5-piece brush set is made with sustainable bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules, plus soft cruelty-free bristles that are gentle on sensitive skin. There is a mineral powder brush, concealer brush, eye-shading brush and baby kabuki., with a hemp and cotton cosmetic case. They work well, applying make-up evenly and are very affordable as a starter brush set.

Costs $14.80 at amazon.com

Solar Grasshopper Toy

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

A fun way for kids to learn about solar power, this grasshopper has no battery but uses solar power from a tiny solar cell to power an entertaining jiggling dance. Quirky antenna sway and eyes jiggle. This toy will keep kids and adults amused for ages and makes a good green choice for a small gift, with no batteries needed. There are also two other toys in this range: a zippy racing car and a scurrying crab.

Costs $12 from Real Goods

Solar Attic Fan For A Green Home

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Good insulation is the key to reducing energy use in the home, but efficient ventilation is just as important. An attic fan to expel trapped hot air in summer will reduce the load on your air-conditioning system and keep the house cooler naturally if you don’t have air-con. In winter it will expel warm moist air, reducing condensation problems and mold. This attic fan is solar powered, so uses no extra energy to work efficiently and is easy to install with no wiring to worry about. This isn’t a cheap option but when installed properly it will make a huge difference to energy bills and you should save the money it costs very quickly, as well as making your home greener and healthier to live in.

Costs $402.32 from Smart Home

Solar Garden Lights in Copper Stainless Steel

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

This set of 12 garden lights is great value for a good quality product. The solar powered lights are on stakes that can be driven into your garden wherever you need them: to softly light a path or add a night-time glow to your landscaping. The copper colored stainless steel gives a warm look to them and their light is also a warm glow, soft enough not to glare but bright enough to illuminate a path at night. They work well, charging during the day, even if not in direct sunlight all day long, and switch on automatically at night and off during the day.

The set of 12 costs $79.95 from amazon.com

Solar Candlelight Jar

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Soft atmospheric lighting, a solar powered alternative to a candle, this solar jar produces a beautiful soft light without the danger of fire in the yard or on the deck. The frosted glass conceals all the solar gadgetry and wires so that all you see is the glow. This charges during the day in sunlight and automatically switches on at night. If you want the romance of a candle lit dinner without the breeze blowing out the candles every five minutes this is the answer! It could even sit on a sunny window sill to charge and be used for a child’s nightlight.

Costs $19.95 fromAmazon.com

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