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Floatron Solar Pool Purifier

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Maintaining a swimming pool can be a real headache in summer months, with green algae threatening to take over unless you use high levels of chlorine and chemicals. With this solar purifier you can reduce the amount of chemicals you use, getting rid of the chlorine smell, saving money and still keeping the water clear. Powered by small solar panels, it works by ionizing the water which inhibits algae growth. It is quite an expensive investment, but pays for itself over time with the reduction of chemicals needed. It does need regular weekly cleaning to keep it working efficiently, so is not totally labor free, but is worth it for most people to swim in clear water without the chemical overload that is so bad for skin, bathing suits and the environment.

Costs $299 at SmartHome

Solar Cooking Oven

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

If you are a devotee of crock pot cooking , now you can cook using even less fossil fuel energy. This solar oven will give you great results in full sun and your slow cooking stews and bakes will be moist and delicious. Great to take on camping trips and for home use in the yard to save on energy, it makes a great alternative cooking method with tasty results. While it is great for slow cooking, it doesn’t always get hot enough for fast boiling water, so you do need to design your menu around slow cooked dishes to make the most of it, though you can bake cakes and breads in it too. It folds up for easy storage and is a long lasting design. If you tend to avoid baking in the hot summer months because of heating up your kitchen too much, this solar oven is the answer, but it can also be used on sunny winter days to save energy.

Currently costs $234.50 at Amazon.com

Auto Ionizer

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe clean air even when you are driving in heavy traffic. This handy ionizer plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and releases negative ions into the air of your car, removing odors and pollutants from the air. Even with your air conditioner going full blast, the car air is usually just as polluted as the outside air, so when you are commuting you often arrive feeling tired and stale. Breathing cleaner air really makes a difference to how you feel after a journey. The device doesn’t draw much power and can be left plugged in overnight, but should be unplugged if the car is not being used for a week or so. Anyone who spends time driving in cities would benefit from this eco-friendly gadget and it is very affordable.

Currently costs $14.99 at Gaiam

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