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GoblinAero Velomobile 150 mpg – available in Feb. 2009

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

GoblinAero Velomobile
GoblinAero – Human Power / Power Assist Model at Goblin Motors from $4995 standard human powered to the $6445 motor assisted with all the bells and whistles.
Goblin Motors

GoblinAero is a human-powered or motor assisted velomobile from Goblin Motors that will be available February 2009. This could be an awesome solution to the once again rising gas prices – and you know it will only go higher – maybe much higher. (which might not be so bad when you thing about it) The motor assisted option Goblin has either a Honda 35cc or 50cc engine which can give you up to 150 miles a gallon. Great for errands such as trips to the supermarket – the rear truck can hold 5 bags of groceries. Maybe even your daily commute to work. Can get up to 30 mph on a flat surface and is able to drive up steep hills with no problem – tested on the 9000ft Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Az. It has 8″ disc brakes and as this vehicle is such a head-turner most people will likely take notice and give you lots of room which should enhance safety. If we could only melt down some hummers and recycle them into these!

What the greenest sunscreen and why would you care?

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

UV Natural Sunscreen
UV Natural ADULT Sunscreen SPF 30+
5.29 oz. 37.80 at
uv natural sunscreen store
Blue Lizard Zinc Oxide Suncream
Blue Lizard Australian Suncream, SPF 30, Sensitive
5 fl oz (148 ml) $10.29 at

What’s the greenest sunscreen?

Despite that it’s the middle of winter, I’ve been worrying about what to do about sunscreens. On one hand I am concerned about protection from skin cancer as I spend a lot of time outdoors here in relentlessly sunny San Diego. On the other hand I also worry about the studies I’ve just read about which says the some of the ingredients for most brands of sunscreen may contain potential hazardous chemicals to your body as well as the environment.

One such chemical, Oxybenzone, is able to be absorbed through the skin and has been shown to be excreted in urine and can accumulate in fatty tissue. Studies have shown Oxybenzone, may be able to disrupt the human hormone system and may have other detrimental health effects. Center for Disease Control scientists gave results from a 2008 national survey of 2,500 Americans showing that oxybenzone readily absorbs into the body and is present in 97% of Americans tested. Another thing that freaks me out about Oxybenzone is that it is potent to the degree that when people’s sunscreen washes off in swimming and urine excreted, enough of it winds up in the ocean to cause viral infection in coral reefs and cause feminization of male fish. This link from the Environmental Working Group has an in depth article about this issue. Also there seems to have been lax oversight by the FDA in regard the safety of some of these chemicals. Here is some excellent info on what you can do about this issue here.

Rather that wait till the FDA gets it act together under the Obama administration I am looking at some greeener and healthier options available right now.

thegreenguide.com has a comprehensive study and article here called Sunscreen 101
which should give you most everything you’ll want to know about the issue and has a list of all the major brands and shows their pros and cons in a comparison table. Plain and cheap – old Zinc Oxide Ointment is also the least toxic and most green as well as offering reasonable protection, is it better than the chemical laden brands in terms of prevention of skin cancer and ability to block all the harmful rays? The jury seems divided on this issue and I personally don’t like the way it seems to take forever before dissolving from its white cream to something more acceptable to walk outside with. But for children and people with sensitive skin this might be your best bet.

The UV Natural Sunscreen is the only officially recommend sunscreen by the greenguide.com, if that influences you at all. It does seem a cut above the others in that you need less of it and that its ingredients offer good protection as well as having all natural ingredients. Its price seems a bit steep but its no surprise that a quality product will tend to cost more.

Energizer Announces New Solar Battery Recharger

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

 Energizer's New Solar Battery Recharger

At the recent CES 2009 conference, Energizer promoted its soon to be released Solar Battery Recharger. This won’t be the most earth changing green gadget to hit the market, It’s still cool that you can power all your pocket electronics completely off-grid. You can charge both AA and AAA batteries with renewable solar power.

This Solar Charger holds several batteries at once and also contains a USB port that can charge some cell phones, GPS units, cameras (not security cameras, but digital), and iPods. If the sun isn’t handy you can also connect to the electrical outlet for charging.

The solar charger is expected to go on sale this summer for $49.99 and comes with two rechargable batteries.

via goodcleantech and inhabitat


Greenpeace on why greener gadgets matter.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Check out this excellent 1/7/09 article from Greenpeace on why greener gadgets matter and also their blogs various articles which discuss how green are some of the items at this years consumer electronic industry’s biggest trade show in Las Vegas (CES 2009).

Another E-Waste video

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Here is another great You Tube video about electronic waste dumping.

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