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Weza, The Portable Human Powered Energy Source

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Weza, human powered energy source

Weza Portable Energy Source $299.99 at HealthyHome.com

Ever want to get away from it all, be totally off grid but still have a few creature comforts? Now you can be in the middle of nowhere, in the dead of night and still be able to charge your cell, watch a DVD or TV, connect a laptop, GPS or even turn on some lights.

This new energy source will work with a step-action crank effect that with about a five minute workout will give you enough power to use a satellite phone for 20 minutes. It can even jump start your car.
For devices that require more juice like watching TV you will only get enough power for enough time to catch a few commercials. Ok, that might not be so useful but if you fully charge the internal battery from an AC or DC source, like your car and you will be good to go for much longer. I’m not sure how long of a charge you’ll get if you foot-pump it all night long but presumably you will get more time the longer you crank the pump.

It’s 299.99 price might deter some people but a bigger problem for me would be its 18.6 lb weight especially if I had to lug it far into the wilderness with all my other gear. If that isn’t a problem for you it might be worth a look.

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