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Do your bit for the planet with a low energy computer

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Computers are power hungry monsters, often using between 300W and 500W of power! Given that an energy saving light bulb uses around 15W of power, computers can be responsible for expensive energy bills. I know that when I was a student at university, 6 computer scientists in one house each with at least one computer, led to an expensive electricity bill!

The Aleutia E2 was designed with low energy consumption in mind, needing only 8W of power! That’s just 2% of the power compared to a conventional PC using up to 400W of power! The computer uses solid-state memory cards rather than hard drives for storage, no energy guzzling CD or DVD drives, and uses energy efficient memory and processors. Admittedly the PC runs at 500MHz with 1GB of RAM, but it can run all conventional applications such as Firefox and OpenOffice on Ubuntu Linux.

The Aleutia team have recently released a Windows XP version, as well as a Wifi-enabled one, and an Aleutia E2 model with 32GB of storage as an SSD card. It’s only the size of about 3 CD cases stacked on top of each other too (Only 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 3.5cm). It’s not quite fast enough for YouTube, Google Earth or BBC iPlayer, but it does everything else. Absolutely fine for word processing, email, blogging, etc.

The motivation behind the Aleutia PC’s design was to find a rugged, reliable, low energy and cheap PC that could be used in the developing countries such as Africa. Energy supplies are hard to come by in that neck of the woods, hence the Aleutia PC was designed to be run from a solar panel! The Aleutia E1 was the first generation of Aleutia PC, but the E2 has attracted the attention of eco-technology-loving-folk such as myself. It’s an exciting product that doesn’t cost the earth too!

This article was written by Dan Harrison of EnviroGadget.com and Daily Eco Tips. Dan is enthusiastic about low power computers, green issue, and encouraging people to do their bit for the planet in small easy steps.

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