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Powerless iPod amplifier

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Phonophone II

Phonophone II from CharlesandMarie.com $500.00

The Phonophone II is not only a wonderfully designed object but also a great device that can transform your iPod’s earplugs into a mini-amplified speaker – without having to plug it in, insert batteries or sit waiting for the sun. All you have to do is hook up your iPod earphones to the adapter, and natural science will do the rest. The horned shape of the ceramic phonophone will capture and emit the music throughout the room (as long as the room is pretty small and no other competing sounds anyway)

We applaud the desire to save electricity but in this case the amount of power it takes to run an amplifier and speaker is extremely low, so the real appeal is its novelty and coolness factor. For me, at $500 there are quite a few items higher up on my coolness generating gadget wish list. But for the person who has everything or for rich iPod fanatics this might be a great addition to their desk. Then you can start looking for a tiny ceramic Jack Russell dog to sit listening next to it.

Sunwhisper Solar Lawn Mower – Save Money and Reduce Pollution

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

solar lawn mower


Gasoline lawn mowers are slowly on their way out. Not only are they loud and obnoxious but are also a significant source of air pollution. According to one study, cutting grass for an hour with a gasoline powered lawn mower is about the same as that from a 100-mile automobile ride. The 50 or so million people mowing their lawns each weekend in the US with gas-powered mowers can contribute as much as five percent of the nation’s air pollution, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It would be great if everyone would come to their senses and get rid of their gas-powered mowers today in favor of a push mower, which is the ultimate in green mowers, which not only doesn’t pollute but also gets folks to exercise more.

Sadly, we may have a bit of a wait before that happens. However, many of the new electric mowers are not only significantly less polluting but are about the same pricing as a good gas-powered mower. Better still, check out the solar powered electric mower from Freepowersys, their sunwhisper model, which is in essence a cordless electric Black & Decker mower modified with a small solar array to turn sunlight into power. It is claimed to be easy to use and set up, is quiet, can use anytime of day, has a rear bagger for mulching lawn clippings and best of all uses solar power.

If you are inventive and good with tools you can convert one of these rechargeable electric or even a gas powered mowers to solar power on your own. Here is a good link that can explain how.
Here is another link that explains how someone converted their electric mower to solar – also here a link to a video by the same person that goes into great detail. Finally, we wrote an article last summer on green lawn mowing that is worth a peek.

Portable Solar LED Headlamp

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Solar Headlamp

If you spend all day spelunking in some deep cave and never see daylight this LED headlamp may not be your best choice as you need to recharge the solar cells for at least 2 hour in full sunlight to get 6 hours of full brightness. But for the rest of us it seems like a great source of light that doesn’t require batteries that you can use camping, hiking, or emergencies. It could even work for spelunking but considering how fragile most caves eco-systems are it is probably better from an environmental view to do some urban exploring instead.

For an extra $12.00 You can also get optional charging devices that will allow you to charge you cellphone or iPod.

Everlite Solar Headlamp from Gaiam $59.00

Flock Eco-Edition Browser

Saturday, June 21st, 2008


The new web browser Flock’s Eco-Edition offers interesting possibilities in Green Computing.

It is a free browser that focused on helping people connect, share and explore contemporary websites that have a community emphasis. The Flock Eco-Edition browser comes pre-loaded with carefully selected green content from a variety of sources such as Grist, Ecorazzi, Treehugger, PlanetGreen, National Geographic, Sprig, Environmental News Network and many more. They offer daily updated environmental news, interviews, video, and other rich media. If you find something that is particularly useful, interesting or disturbing you can share it with a built in Flock sidebar that connects your friends from Facebook, Flicker, You Tube and other such sites.

The Flock 2.0 Beta version is built on the Firefox 3.0 browser and takes advantage of the various performance and security enhancement improvements offered by Firefox 3.0

In the Eco-Edition – the Flock people state that “Flock believes in providing users who download the Flock Eco-Edition a means to give back by donating 10% of search proceeds to the environmental charity of choice, as deemed by the voting of the community of Flock’s Eco-Edition users at the end of this year. Flock makes money when people search through the browser. So the more you search via Flock Eco-Edition, the more we’re committing to give back.”

Maybe they are just painting one of their “editions” Green so as to persuade people into switching to their browser but the fact they are promoting Green causes and giving some of their money back to environmental causes can’t be a bad thing. Might be worth giving them an investigation.


Recycle time this Father’s Day

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Recycled 45 rpm Clock

Recycled 45 rpm Clock $30.00 at gigglefishgifts.com

Even if your Dad isn’t old enough to get nostalgic over sock hops or rhapsodic with Elvis singles he can appreciate the trend to give new life to old.
These clocks are available in a variety of rock and soul titles, made by Vinylux who have recycled about 200,000 records in a variety of forms including coasters, bowls, ornaments and more. This record clock is made with laser–cut out numbers, aluminum hands, acrylic stand, requires AA battery.

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