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EcoWidget from Environmental News Network

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

ENN Widget

Cool and free new desktop Widget for Mac and PC from Environmental News Network

Gives you easy access to the latest environmental news from ENN, interesting factoids, and a very cool-green search engine that checks your location (via zip code) for the nearest local green grocers and more. Easy install but you will need the free and easy Yahoo widget engine installed to get it to work (apple version not yet available)

SolSisters Solar Chime

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

SolSisters Solar Chimes
SolSisters Solar Chimes 64.99 at eco-gardening.com

Unique Solar Chimes in the form of singing sisters will transform your garden or home with meditative and melodious tones that are generated by solar power alone, doesn’t require batteries, electricity or even wind. It will work in direct or indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight makes the brightest tones. These handmade SolSisters Chimes are individually colored so no two are alike. Uses high quality suction cups for ease in hanging.

recycled rubber mulch pad

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Rubber Mulch

Recycled Rubber Mulch Mat – 3 ft x 20 ft $229.99 at Conservastore.com

A great way to save water for your garden and yard as well as help eliminate weed growth is to try this recycled rubber mulch pad. It is an inch thick and can be cut with a utility knife. It should last up to five years with ordinary use. The roll weighs 180 lbs so shipping costs may be a consideration. If you order 3 or more they will give you a break of some sort. From the photo on their website, it has a naturalistic brownish coloration that shouldn’t be too jarring in the garden, but personally – unless I had a huge space in my yard or garden that I wanted to cover, I wouldn’t bother with it as I prefer the look of a natural mulch. But it would make sense for many other situations where you didn’t want to conserve water and eliminate weeds.

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