Ambient Energy Orb Shows Energy Consumption

Animated Energy Orb

Inhabitat.com has a great article about a new way some people are monitoring their electric bill. A Southern California Power Station Manager, Mark Martinez, hit on a cool way to get people to be more aware and conserve their energy use with his Energy Orb. Wired.com’s article explains in detail how he altered the Ambient Orb – a glowing orb that changes color that responds to changes in various streaming data like stock prices, and instead made it to change color to alert the user of higher and lower usage of energy. For the lucky few that got to use this device, they claim a 40% reduction in energy use.
Seems like a good thing for people to display prominently, if its flashing red to signify high energy use- you will have a easy prompt to go check out why and turn off anything unneeded.

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2 Responses to “Ambient Energy Orb Shows Energy Consumption”

  1. NeoKentin
    August 30th, 2007 04:32

    I’ve seen articles on this sphere but i can not found a place where they explain how it is working to calculate the energy consumption, do you know a place where i can found some explanation?

  2. larry
    August 30th, 2007 12:09

    Sorry, other than the wired article, linked in the article, I don’t. I imagine it would be possible to contact Mark Martinez directly to ask how he was able to hack the “ambient orb” to allow it to receive streaming data from the electric utility instead of its original programming.