Plastic Bag Dryer

plastic bag dryer
Archy Plastic Bag Dryer $22.50 at conservastore.com

Do you wash your plastic bags? If so, they are already reserving you one of the better clouds in heaven! But while you are still here on earth, perhaps you can make your life a little easier by using this bag dryer. If you have tried drying your bags by hanging them over the faucet or perhaps over the edge of the sink anchored by a coffee mug – all rather annoying.

This contraption allows you to easily dry a wide range of reusable plastics like freezer bags and sandwich bags as well as socks, rubber gloves, dish towels and all kinds of smaller cloth items. By reusing your plastic bags and recycling you will help reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills.

Speaking of plastic bag trash. On a very unrelated matter – I just found this very cool art photo blog site, gutter envy, who has some absolutely wonderful photos of wet trash (many of which have plastic bags in the photos)

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One Response to “Plastic Bag Dryer”

  1. christal
    April 6th, 2007 20:45

    spread the good green word….
    new orleans sustainable future depends on us all.