Sport Utility Bicycle (S.U.B.)

Sport Utility Bicycle (S.U.B.) from xtracycle.com 6 new S.U.B. models starting at $599.00
Much of urban driving is just running errands to various stores to get a few items. Why use a truck disguised as a car to carry a few groceries? More people are dumping the gas guzzling SUV’s for the clean and green S.U.B.’s. These bikes are built not only lightweight, compact and strong but can easily carry your groceries, supplies, even another passenger. Xtracycle has a photo gallery that shows images and videos of creative uses of the S.U.B. to carry an amazing amount of stuff, one photo shows a guy with a kitchen table and chairs on the back. If more people used bikes to get around not only would there be less pollution, we could see a lot more people in shape and having healthier lifestyles. Here is another link to their page on the bicycle lifestyle.

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2 Responses to “Sport Utility Bicycle (S.U.B.)”

  1. Sue
    April 2nd, 2007 14:23

    WHen I got one of these last year, it really did shift my whole lifestyle, and I thought I was pretty resistant to such things 🙂
    I disliked the number of times I had to say “well, I’d take the bicycle, but I have to bring…”
    The only thing I haven’t figured out how to haul with it is key lime pie.

  2. todd
    April 2nd, 2007 14:47

    put pie in box. lash box to deck. tested with lemon chiffon anyway; your results may vary.